Accelerated Aging


Accelerated Aging

Accelerated Aging of Plastics (in-service degradation mechanisms)

Aging tests are conducted in environmental chambers with elevated temperature, accelerating effective time. This effect is based on the Arrhenius equation, which relates temperature and time. Testing at multiple temperatures can provide a quantifiable acceleration factor. These tests are often done in conjunction with chemical exposure and mechanical loading to understand potential product reliability problems resulting from environmental stress cracking, mechanical loads or material degradation.

Stress Engineering Services’ newly constructed 51,000 square-foot office and laboratory facility includes an accelerated aging area. Currently, SES offers a combination of nine, 16-, 32-, and 500-cubic-foot temperature- and humidity-controlled chambers. Additionally, our walk-in environmental chamber makes it possible to condition and test large components, or significant numbers of components under extreme environmental conditions (20°C to 80°C, up to 100% relative humidity) for accelerated aging testing. Due to increased demand, we have already begun the first phase of an expansion, which includes an additional 12 high-volume chambers.

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