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        Case Studies


        Wind Direction Sensor

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) completed turnkey development of a battery powered hand-held device used by hunters and other recreational enthusiasts to accurately determine wind direction.  Our team led all phases of the development. Initial phases included brainstorming the initial concept and feasibility tests in a wind tunnel.  As part of the detailed design process, SES completed flow calculations and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of air flow through the device. Given the required operating environment, the unit needed to be waterproof and survive a drop onto hard surfaces. These conditions required careful design of the housing and FEA modeling of the seals.  SES completed prototyping, sourcing of the production tooling, manufacturing supervision and the final product testing.

        Electronics - Wind Direction SensorElectronics - Wind Direction Sensor

        Optimized Power Usage

        Optimized product performance means making the most efficient use of the battery energy available in a device.  SES has a track record for developing devices that last longer, while maximizing performance.  This also applies to improving the performance of existing devices by integrating new battery technology or updating the design.  SES can review device designs and offer recommendations regarding ways to get more out of them and often reduce cost at the same time.

        Electronics - Wind Direction Sensor

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