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        Case Studies


        Actuator Testing

        Functional performance and overall reliability are critical aspects of any product’s success.  This is an example of combined performance & reliability testing on hydraulic actuators destined for use in a surgical device.  Due to the environment and application, these actuators are much smaller than conventional units, dictating custom seals and atypical hydraulic fluid.  Stress Engineering Services (SES) developed test apparatus that permits study of different seal/fluid/design combinations as well as high-cycle reliability testing under various pressure scenarios.

        Testing Testing

        Sterilization Testing

        SES specializes in product and material testing that is unusual and often requires innovative methods or equipment.  For this medical device component, it was imperative to understand how the sterilization cycles on the device would affect the strength, life and performance of the materials.  SES has several commercial sterilization units that have been automated to run unattended steam sterilization cycles.  Using this modified equipment, we were able to develop performance characteristics as a function of time and sterilization cycles that could then feed into the device design and reliability calculations.

        Testing Testing

        Spraying Testing

        Consumers demand consistent performance and SES has the capability and facilities to assess the behavior of products over their entire expected life.  Shown here is a dispensing performance test for a spraying device.  This device mixes two cleaning chemicals during the spraying action in order to deliver superior cleaning efficacy.  The testing included characterizing the spray from the pump and nozzle as well as understanding the mixture of the chemicals throughout the expected life of the device.

        Spray Testing Testing Testing

        Aging Studies

        Our clients often need to know how long their products will last in order to optimize design features, select the appropriate materials and substantiate specific claims.  SES has fully equipped facilities for conducting aging studies on many different types of products.  Using our understanding of materials, how products carry loads and aging accelerators (such as temperature, strain, chemical concentrations), SES designs tests that can be used to predict the life of a product.  In this example, accelerated aging was conducted on a product to determine its reliability over time, providing valuable feedback for the product’s design and warranty.

        Testing Testing

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