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ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

        Industrial Design

        Conceptual Design

        Far from limiting innovation, informing the creative design process with technical requirements at the conceptual stage enhances creative output. Why? Because ignoring design constraints not only wastes time and money, it provides no criteria by which to judge the quality and creativity of ideas. Stress Engineering Services (SES) uses a proprietary brainstorming and ideation process to generate innovative concepts informed and enhanced by its technical expertise, not limited by it.

        Even in the earliest stages of a product’s development, SES’s design process integrates comprehensive technical expertise with design savvy to produce innovative concepts that fuse form, function and meaning. These concepts are more integrated and innovative than those of our competitors because SES has a larger palette of technical and product development expertise from which to paint. Because we value our clients’ time, our design process does not waste it on self-indulgent styling. We understand the uniquely challenging requirements of developing products on time and under budget. That is why our design process is informed by real metrics to generate real concepts, not blue sky abstractions.