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ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

        Product Development

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) has a long history of involvement with the design and analysis of consumer products and packaging. Beginning in the mid-1980’s, SES pioneered the use of computer-based analysis tools to evaluate and improve the designs of plastic bottles and closures. These advancements were based on our experience with threaded connections in the oil and gas industry and launched what has become a cornerstone business practice for SES. Although those early applications were highly complex at the time, they are now part of the standard development process in the consumer products world. We continue to advance our capabilities and applications into more complex behaviors of consumer devices, plastics, packaging and electronics.

        The basis for all of our work at Stress Engineering Services is a deep understanding of physics, mechanics and materials. We have integrated our engineering expertise with creative design, product testing, materials evaluation, manufacturing and failure analysis to create a development and problem-solving environment that is unique and capable of delivering high performance products very quickly and reliably. In addition, our staff has extensive expertise with the economics of product development and manufacturing, which is leveraged throughout the development process to ensure the projects are successful from the marketing, R&D, manufacturing and financial perspectives.

        Our work in consumer products encompasses nearly all facets of the development process with specific emphasis on:

        • Market research & transforming data into measurable values
        • Creative design & concept development
        • Preliminary engineering
        • Material characterization and selection
        • Prototyping
        • Detailed engineering and analysis
        • Electro-mechanical devices
        • Product performance and reliability testing
        • Manufacturing process setup, startup & qualification
        • Final product design
        • Ongoing improvement / process reliability
        • Failure analysis
        • Cost reduction

        Please explore the pages on this website to learn more about our Consumer Product Development capabilities and applications.

        Consumer Product Development
        Consumer Product Development
        Consumer Product Development