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ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

        Product Development


        Stress Engineering Services (SES) provides a wide variety of services to support the manufacturing of your devices and products. Our technical staff brings to the table decades of experience in high-speed, high-volume manufacturing, as well as high-value, low-volume production. We offer extensive expertise in many different manufacturing and assembly operations including:

        • Injection molding
        • Metal forming
        • Thermo-forming
        • Blow molding
        • Compression molding
        • Rotational molding
        • Extrusion
        • Calendering
        • Liquids filling
        • Coating
        • Welding (metals)
        • Ultrasonic welding
        • Spin welding
        • Hot-plate welding
        • Gluing
        • Conveying
        • Thermal conditioning
        • Sterilization
        • C.I.P. processes
        • Vibratory feeding

        Our support services often involve troubleshooting, problem solving and failure analysis work on processing or assembly equipment. We offer expertise in equipment reliability and risk assessment, improving process capability and throughput improvements. SES provides independent 3rd party manufacturing system audits, which are frequently used by clients for vendor assessment or internal improvement activities. SES works closely with manufacturing facilities on quality control measures, test methods and apparatus. We design and build custom test equipment for end of line and QA laboratory measurements. Our field testing staff can install instrumentation on manufacturing equipment for process monitoring and troubleshooting including measurement of force, strain, temperature, acceleration, vibration and pressure. These data are frequently used for process throughput improvements and troubleshooting activities.


        manufacturing product development

        manufacturing product development