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        Product Development

        Ongoing Product Improvement

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) is actively involved in ongoing product improvement efforts with our clients.  These improvements typically fall into one of the following general categories:

        Performance Improvement – the product may be meeting the basic needs of the market, but is not achieving the superior results needed to capture market share or command a price premium desired.  SES will often work to create next-generation designs to improve functionality, appearance, ergonomics or reliability.

        Cost Reduction – managing costs is a very common issue in today’s highly competitive markets.  SES works with clients to reduce the total delivered cost of goods by reducing material usage for the product, simplifying mechanisms to eliminate parts, streamlining manufacturing and reducing the cost of packaging.

        Reliability Improvement – product reliability has an impact on many aspects of product success.  The brand image, warranty claims and cost are all affected by product reliability.  The multi-disciplinary SES team is highly effective at identifying causes of reduced reliability and then addressing them through product design, materials and manufacturing processes.

        SES works closely with our clients’ marketing, R&D, engineering, quality and manufacturing teams to develop appropriate product improvement plans.  The planning stage is critical to set realistic goals, identify key obstacles, define the schedule requirements and come up with an approach that will yield success.  The experience of the SES staff in all aspects of product development, testing and manufacturing helps give these product improvement efforts the greatest chance of success.

        Product Improvement

        Product Improvement