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Integrated Work Process Approach

Systems Engineering | Risk Management | Design Control
SES uses an integrated approach which blends the activities and outcomes of multiple work processes, allowing us to provide the best custom solution for your unique project.

Medical Newsletter | January 2018

In this issue:
Human Factors & Ergonomics
HELP Design Co

Consumer Newsletter | January 2018

In this issue:
E-Commercialize Your Existing Packages

Reducing the Cost of HPP Package Development

Until now, High Pressure Processing (HPP) package development has relied exclusively on an iterative process of prototyping and package testing, both of which are expensive and time consuming. Stress Engineering developed a new technology to accelerate development and reduce costs via the application of predictive computational methods, frequently referred to as ‘insilico’ performance simulation testing.

Consumer Newsletter | November 2017

In this issue:
Cold Chain Packaging Solutions
Process Technology Transfer

Pharmaceutical Design Analysis and Testing Services

Process Engineering
Mechanical Integrity
Manufacturing Support
Combination Products
Pharmaceutical Packaging

Medical Devices Overview

Design & Analysis
Failure Analysis
Manufacturing Support

Drug Delivery Case Studies

Wearable Drug Delivery System Reliability Planning
Injection Pen Design for Manufacturability
Inhaler Design & Simulation
Test Fixture & Equipment Development

Drug Delivery System Experience

Failure Investigations, Design Support, Manufacturing Support, Testing, Syringes - Prefilled & Unfilled

E-Commerce Packaging Design, Testing & Breakthrough Innovation

Is your packaging keeping up with the demands of the e-commerce market? Stress Engineering Services is your one-stop solution for e-commerce packaging design, testing & breakthrough innovation.