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Innovation Resources

Consumer Newsletter | January 2019

In this issue:
Product Realization

Consumer Newsletter | December 2018

In this issue:
Product Development Process

Consumer Newsletter | November 2018

In this issue:
PalletDAQ - Transportation Data Logging System

Consumer Newsletter | September 2018

In this issue:
Custom Sensor Development for IIoT and Machine Learning

Consumer Newsletter | August 2018

Creating Competitive Advantage with the Industrial Internet of Things

Custom Sensor Development for IIoT and Machine Learning

There are very few off-the-shelf sensors available that can be conveniently adapted to the hardware to provide new actionable insights and decision making. The Stress Engineering IoT Applications Development Laboratory can solve this problem!

Consumer Newsletter | July 2018

In this issue:
ISTA Testing Laboratory Certification
ISO 17025:2005 Continued Certification Recommendation

Consumer Newsletter | June 2018

In this issue:
Digital Transformation in Packaging
Solving Bulging or Paneling Issues on Your Packages

E-Commerce Packaging Design, Testing & Breakthrough Innovation

Is your packaging keeping up with the demands of the e-commerce market? Stress Engineering Services is your one-stop solution for e-commerce packaging design, testing & breakthrough innovation.

Consumer Newsletter | August 2017

In this issue:
Liquids packaging design solutions to eliminate e-commerce leakage
Overview of presentation on in-silico package transit testing for e-commerce