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Innovation Resources

Consumer Newsletter | February 2020

Driving Sustainability for the Snack Foods Industry

Consumer Newsletter | September 2019

Industrial Packaging Solutions and the MakerBot Replicator Z18

Consumer Newsletter | April 2019

In this issue:
Food & Beverage Packaging and Sterilization
    HPP Packaging Development
    Retort Sterilization Simulation

Consumer Newsletter | August 2017

In this issue:
Liquids packaging design solutions to eliminate e-commerce leakage
Overview of presentation on in-silico package transit testing for e-commerce

Innovations in E-Commerce Liquids Packaging

Developing Liquids Packaging Design Solutions to Eliminate E-Commerce Leakage

Pharma & Grocery Cold Chain E-Commerce Packaging

Using real-time simulation for optimized packaging solutions in pharma and grocery cold chain

ID Packaging

How can emotional and sustainable design cultivate consumer desire?

Virtual Simulation of ISTA Unit Load Tests

Advanced finite element analysis (FEA) techniques are making it possible to perform “virtual” computer simulations of standard industry unit load tests. These methods allow transportation and warehouse stacking performance of unitized loads to be studied earlier in the package development process, before physical samples are available, with commensurate reductions in risk, cost, and speed to market.

Rethinking Polypropylene

There are indications that polypropylene’s (PP) multi-decade reign as the polymer with the lowest material cost per cubic inch is ending. Seismic changes in energy markets and their derivative products over the past decade are now combining to structurally alter the market dynamics of PP. As a result, many products and packages made from PP may need to reconsider whether it remains the best material for the application.