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Consumer Newsletter | February 2020

Driving Sustainability for the Snack Foods Industry

Collect Critical Data In the Most Remote Environments

Solar Power and Energy Harvesting Enables Long and Short Term Data Acquisition in the Most Remote Locations
Stress Engineering Services routinely configures remote, un-staffed data collection and monitoring systems in the most extreme environments and remote locations for a broad range of industrial applications. These systems can include a wide range of sensor types – including: strain gages, accelerometers, thermocouples, load cells or pressure transducers, regardless of the lack of infrastructure where the measurement or monitoring is to take place. The measurement and monitoring systems are autonomous and fully secure.

Rethinking Polypropylene

There are indications that polypropylene’s (PP) multi-decade reign as the polymer with the lowest material cost per cubic inch is ending. Seismic changes in energy markets and their derivative products over the past decade are now combining to structurally alter the market dynamics of PP. As a result, many products and packages made from PP may need to reconsider whether it remains the best material for the application.

Supply Chain Re-Shoring

SES’ Supply Chain Services Group has the skills and expertise to help you answer critical supply chain questions…using your facts and data.