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Innovation Resources

Consumer Newsletter | February 2020

Driving Sustainability for the Snack Foods Industry

Consumer Newsletter | December 2019

Understanding the true variability of off-grade resins and the effects on desired processes and product performance.

Consumer Newsletter | September 2019

Industrial Packaging Solutions and the MakerBot Replicator Z18

Polymers, Elastomers and Composites

SES offers a full range of R&D, failure analysis and analytical characterization support services. The growth of polymers, elastomers and composites is not limited to the durable and non-durable consumer and medical products industries, but also includes manufacturing equipment components, industrial products, oilfield equipment and pipeline repair. SES has invested heavily in staffing and polymer characterization/testing instruments. A new polymer materials services facility has been constructed in SES’s centrally located Ohio facility to meet the growing demand for this work. The labs include a broad range of equipment necessary to evaluate the very complex polymer-related materials challenges for our clients.

Testing and Characterizing Composites

Advanced, high-performance composite materials have their roots in the aerospace industry. However, these materials have found other uses in the design and repair of large stationary equipment like pipelines, heat exchangers and pipe hangers.

Plastics & Composites Testing:  Material Characterization & Failure Analysis

Laboratory-based material testing and characterization capabilities are the cornerstone of Stress Engineering’s plastics, rubber and composites design and predictive analysis services.