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ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

        About Us

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) is an employee-owned engineering services company.  The company was founded in Houston in 1972 to support the nuclear power industry.  Since that time, SES has grown and currently provides services to nearly every industry and works in more than 45 countries around the world.  Our technical staff now numbers near 300, including more than 175 engineers, and we have facilities in 5 locations in the U.S. and Canada.  The staff at SES are committed to the highest ethical standards as our reputation depends on honesty and integrity.  We are dedicated to the success of our clients because we share in that success through our long-term relationships.

        SES is a unique company in many respects.  Our development teams are comprised of true multi-disciplinary talent.  SES provides high-level expertise in industrial design, engineering, manufacturing, sourcing, and testing.  We have extensive laboratory testing capability at our facilities for evaluating materials, product performance, life assessment, and failure analysis. We have extensive simulation capabilities to predict mechanical, thermal, and fluid flow characteristics of complex problems.  The SES technical staff is highly educated and experienced with approximately 35% Ph.D. level, 50% Master’s degrees and, on average, our staff has 15 years of industry experience.

        SES is a world leader in the application of advanced analysis techniques to product development.  Our physics-based development process has an established track record of delivering superior product performance in shorter development times than traditional build and test methods.  Finally, SES has a flat organizational structure that allows our highly experienced engineers and designers to be very flexible and adapt to the changing needs of the projects.  We can enlist specific resources at the appropriate points in the project where they are needed, but the project is not burdened by the expense of these resources at other times. This organizational structure also permits us to respond quickly to changes and maintain aggressive schedules.

        Stress Engineering Services has the expertise to help you interpret and deploy the data to improve your product and equipment performance and reliability.