Accelerated Life Testing


Accelerated Life Testing

Accelerated life testing is a reliable, fast, and cost-effective method for materials selection.

Delayed cracking in plastic products and components presents a major source of post-introduction product problems. At best, cracks send a message of poor quality to the customer. At worst, they can endanger the lives of users and result in product recalls and litigation. Stress Engineering Services (SES) can support your product and device programs by quickly and cost effectively executing our Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) material screening and selection protocol.

SES’s approach to accelerated life testing dramatically reduces the risk
of delayed cracking.

Key to our approach is determining the as-assembled or as-used stress state in the plastic component using predictive analysis. This information is then used to define materials-level environmental tests to determine whether cracking is likely to occur.

If reliability statistics are computed, you can launch with confidence!

By analyzing your product’s design to determine the as-assembled stress states in critical regions, and then translating these stress states into relevant material tests for a range of expected environmental conditions, SES is able to accelerate the aging of the product to determine if a crack will develop. Our techniques have been refined to the point where we can use failure rate statistics to analytically estimate the reliability of the product, device or component. This enables you to develop solutions to cracking problems before they occur, and launch your product with greater confidence.

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