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        Case Studies


        Breast Biopsy Device
        Biopsy Device
        Stress Engineering Services (SES) completed turnkey development of a breast cancer lesion biopsy device.  The new device was needed to improve functionality for the user and take advantage of the latest in motor drive technology.  The SES design team integrated two independent electric motors into the hand piece, delivering better control for the user and a less cumbersome connection to the console.  In order to introduce the advancement at an industry event, a prototype device had to be developed in less than six weeks.  The SES development team completed work on the target schedule by deploying a concurrent multidisciplinary approach - mechanical design, predictive engineering/FEA, noise-vibration testing, electrical engineering, systems integration, and rapid prototyping.

        Painless Injector Device
        Painless Injector Device
        The painless injector device (PID) is an auto-injector developed for vaccination of infants.  The project scope included concept development through basic technology demonstration and appearance model prototyping.  Some of the more critical design requirements involved a slow and steady injection, intramuscular penetration, protecting the needle before and after injection, and achieving an aggressive manufacturing cost.  The design was intended to be a small, single use device that would stay attached during injection. The technical activities associated with this project included evaluation of alternate flow metering techniques, mechanical design for the injection mechanism, and flow testing to verify function/ delivery parameters.  In addition, SES built appearance models that were delivered to the client along with estimated device fabrication costs.


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