Material Testing Services


Material Testing Services

Importance of Material Testing

Material testing services are used to determine performance of real world materials when subjected to conditions not listed on a material data sheet. Fillers, additives, and processing conditions can significantly impact the mechanical properties of a material. Temperature, stresses, and environmental conditions can cause parts to fail very prematurely. Material testing coupled with an understanding of the stresses on the part can provide a predictive tool which decreases the risk of failure once a component is to go into production. If a part that is in production fails, material testing provides data that can be used to provide a design direction that is much more definitive than can be obtained by other means.

Lab Experience & Capabilities

When selecting a company to provide a material testing service you should look for a company with the experience and capabilities. We have testing labs in 6 locations in the US and Canada with over 40 years of testing experience. The test conditions we can simulate are widely varied. In our labs, we can create cryogenic to pyrogenic temperatures, generate pressures from hard vacuum to tens of thousands of psi, and include exposure to elements such as UV and corrosive elements. We have the ability to manufacture material test coupons from metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites using either raw materials or obtaining test specimens cut from actual parts. For conditions that cannot be simulated in a lab, we can perform on-site material testing at your facility by instrumenting actual equipment and monitoring it during use.

Technical Team

Our team consists of testing engineers, material scientists, metallurgists, plastics engineers, polymer chemists, and skilled technicians to assist you in your material testing needs. Our goal is to provide you and your team with the practical data obtained from material testing to help you make an informed technical decision.

We complete many projects that involve material testing, but typically the specific material and condition is unique. If you have a specific inquiry or would like to find out more about what material testing services we offer and what assistance we can offer your company with your current testing needs, please use the contact form on this page, and we will get back to you shortly.