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        Medical Technologies

        Failure Analysis

        The value we provide to our customers is the ability to quickly identify failure modes and determine which solution fits the best. Our unique understanding of failure modes allows us to recommend a solution with an extremely high confidence level.

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) conducts hundreds of failure analyses each year on everything from medical devices to electronic components and consumer products. When a component or device fails, our focus extends beyond "why did it fail?" to identify the operational, design, material and environmental factors that caused the failure and how to prevent it from happening again. We focus on the “principles of physics” when evaluating a failure in order to provide our clients with well researched and accurate answers.

        At Stress Engineering Services our analytical and testing experts are skilled in a variety of disciplines and fields including material engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, polymers, and packaging. This collective force of professionals and experience, along with our comprehensive testing capabilities, enables us to provide complete and timely results that can help prevent future failures.

        The approach devised at SES is based on two central ideas. First, early in the investigation it is more important to look at everything at a simplified level than to examine a few failure mechanisms in greater depth. The comprehensive identification of potential failure mechanisms is based on experience SES has gained in 40 years of evaluating failures. Secondly, deciding on what is important or not should be based on fundamental, qualitative principles rather than arbitrary ranking scales or point systems.

        Failure Analysis
        Failure Analysis