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ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

        Medical Technologies

        Product Testing

        For more than three decades, Stress Engineering Services (SES) has been measuring performance and evaluating the life of many different types of products.  The SES testing laboratories are unique in many aspects including the lab’s co-location with highly skilled and experienced engineers involved in product development, life assessment, and failure analysis.  Our uniqueness extends to the custom testing capability provided by SES’s skilled engineers and technicians.  As clients tour our facilities, they often refer to SES as “MythBusters on steroids”

        Our laboratories are frequently providing testing services for:

        • Functional verification
        • Human factors and ergonomic evaluation
        • Force & displacement input/output
        • Aging, life assessment, and reliability testing
        • Materials characterization / certification
        • Electronics performance
        • Stability Testing Services

        Medical and surgical devices/systems often require a complex interaction of multiple components in order to function properly.  SES works closely with our clients to conduct functional verification testing early in the development of a product.  This is part of our process to identify and overcome key performance barriers in the upstream portion of the development cycle, when the design approach is most easily changed.  SES specializes in measuring complex systems that often include rapid loading rates, very low or very high forces, high precision displacement/deflection, a wide range of operating temperatures and cyclic events.

        Our focus is not only to help make your product function, but we want your customer to gain the maximum benefit from its use.  Our laboratory studies include assessment of human factors, user interactions and ergonomics.  In addition to the product “feel”, SES provides measured data on forces, displacements, acceleration, vibration, temperature, and other factors that affect product function and how the user perceives it.  As always, the emphasis is to provide actionable data that can be used by marketing, research, development, engineering, and manufacturing to produce and market a superior product.

        Critical life assessment testing of new medical/surgical products and sub-systems is a cornerstone of SES’s development services.  These tests often involve aging studies and repeated physical loads, such as multiple firing or clamping operations during use, or harsh environmental effects like sterilization.  The objective of this testing is to develop reliability data for the components, sub-systems or devices in order to address product requirements and support warranty specifications. 

        SES testing and development team members work closely with clients to define effective test protocols that will accurately assess product behavior and provide the data needed for regulatory requirements.  Our extensive materials expertise, along with broad-based design history, gives SES a distinct advantage in product testing, which translates into better results for our clients.

        Product Testing

        Steel Encasing

        Product Testing