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ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

        Our Work

        “Design that Works.”

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) is known for its world-class design development and problem solving capabilities.  Our capabilities and experience are applied to new product development, performance evaluation, product improvement, troubleshooting, cost reduction, and reliability.  SES serves more than 800 different clients in nearly every industry throughout the United States and 45 other countries around the globe.  The broad range of experience SES has gained by working in so many industries helps us to rapidly identify key issues with new projects and aggressively work towards practical solutions.

        Our projects are typically associated with design, analysis, testing, and failure analysis.  It is not at all unusual for our projects to include elements of work from each of these four areas.  Our approach is to develop a high-level understanding of the customer, manufacturing, technical, and financial needs for a product.  Using this understanding, we develop physics-based solutions that provide superior aesthetic and ergonomic benefits, while maintaining a high degree of functionality, reliability, manufacturability, and minimizing cost.  In short, SES works to deliver “Design that Works.”

        In the mid-1980’s Stress Engineering Services pioneered the use of computer-based analysis tools (finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics) on consumer products and packaging.  Since then, we have expanded our work to tightly integrate this high-level engineering with creative design, testing, and economics.  Today, we are leveraging these same tools to improve the development of medical devices, surgical instruments, and electromechanical systems.

        Below is a partial list showing some of the areas in which Stress Engineering works:

        • Medical technologies
        • Consumer product development
        • Electro-mechanical devices
        • Industrial design
        • Testing
        • Materials evaluation
        • Failure analysis
        • Metallurgy
        • Polymer engineering
        • Custom test machines
        • Machine instrumentation
        • Data acquisition systems
        • Product & process reliability

        Case Studies

        Please explore this website to see more details and examples of our work.

        Also, be sure to check us out on YouTube!