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ISO 13485:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

        Product Development

        Creative Design

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) is unique in the arena of creative design.  Our creative design services are co-located with a large team of very experienced engineers and, as a result, our fully integrated services deliver … Design That Works!

        In other words, our design services provide a marriage of innovation with practical implementation.  We leverage our breadth of experience designing productions and solutions for the consumer products and medical device industries to provide clients with the best performing products from functional, manufacturability and cost perspectives.  We involve our multi-disciplinary teams in the development of new products from the very beginning.  This allows us to take advantage of our creative skills while incorporating materials knowledge, manufacturing expertise, product costing experience and understanding of how things work.

        At SES, our goal is to instill a strong desire among your customers to choose your products because they are aesthetically appealing, innovative, functionally reliable and offer good value.  Please see our Portfolio and Industrial Design pages for more details.


        Creative Design