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        Product Development

        Market Research

        Stress Engineering Services (SES) provides the critical link between market research and defining reasonable performance, materials and technical requirements.  Although SES does not typically take the lead in conducting consumer research, we do work closely with firms that specialize in this field and with our client’s internal marketing and business units.  The key role played by SES in market research is to act as a translator.  Our team has extensive expertise interpreting the subjective, and sometimes emotional, response from consumers and converting this response into measurable quantities that can be used in the product development and concept selection process.

        The SES team works closely with our marketing counterparts to craft focus group studies, questionnaires and interviews that will help gain an understanding of the market and clarify the business opportunities for a particular product.  We utilize our decades of experience in consumer products and devices to define points of differentiation among competitive products and identify the critical performance needs that will help our clients hit a “home run” with their new market entries.

        The knowledge of the SES team in the areas of human factors, reliability, materials and bio-mechanics can be highly leveraged to understand what drives consumer preferences and why so that a product can be developed to fit the market.

        Market Research